Yay! It’s finally here! The month of May especially is the time all of my fellow “Lymies” and I share, post, celebrate, and advocate for the rapid-growing Lyme that affects so many throughout the world today. (Sorry that I’m a day late from posting on the actual first day of all of this, but I hope to make up for it throughout this whole month.) First, I want to invite every single one of you to do whatever you can to spread the word to others! I speak for the whole Lyme community when I say that we’d really appreciate it! Now that this is out of the way, I want to start this month off with a few basics to get you motivated.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try,” John F. Kennedy quoted. This thought often applies in awareness of things like kindness, politics, going green, etc, etc. Another area (I bet you can guess what it is) could include sharing the awareness of Lyme and other unknown illnesses. Change all begins with one person who is determined to improve and impact the perspectives of others, but it doesn’t stop there. In order for change to happen, we have to continue on with it. We all must participate. This week, I want to challenge you (I know I do this whole challenge thing pretty often 😉 ) to pass on change. Let’s make a difference together! As cheesy as it may sound, it’s completely true. You can pass on whatever you want! Improve this world in whatever way you can and make it your goal to help those around you. I believe that through simple acts, great things can be accomplished. So whether you decide to support the planet, decrease bullying, or root for those battling Cancer, always remember that you can make a difference. One person has the ability to change the world; that person is you.

I know, you probably all thought that I was finished, but I have one more message I felt the need to share. I want to come out and be clear to you all about this past year that I’ve had. The reasons I’ve created this website all have to do with change. I am determined to make an impact on someone’s life; friend or stranger, I want them to feel as if they have been changed. I also wanted to create this website to change myself. I’ve had a rough year, not gonna lie, but I have learned so much from it. It’s amazing how much my life has changed by this one disease. I know that Lyme may seem like another thing in this crazy world, but I will never forget the nights I couldn’t sleep no matter how much a had wanted to, or the days I’d go shopping with my mom and have to lean against the cart to support my own weight, or the mornings I tried to flip myself out of bed so I didn’t have to miss school, or the weekends I had to cancel plans because my feet ached and I couldn’t walk, or the tears that fell down my cheeks when I found out that I was only getting worse, or the fake smile I had to plaster on for school after having a difficult morning, or the pounding of my head after a night of rest and lots of water, or the guilt of having to miss out for doctors appointments and sick days, or the feeling of disappointment I felt while still having Lyme a year after the day I was diagnosed. These memories will stick with me forever, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything, because only in the darkest times can you recognize the smallest lights. These small glows include the feelings of love a hug gave me after a hard day, or the simple texts I got from friends checking in on me, or the sun setting at camp at the end of a long journey, or the proud moment when I work hard and receive good grades, or the great feeling of success when I complete a new move or learn a new trick, or the hopeful times when I’m reminded of my strength, or the peace I find when I look to God, or the joyful tears at the end of a year when I look at just how far I’ve come. I guess my point here is that I want all of you to know that when we create change, we can find it in ourselves. When I was diagnosed, it was hard, but I promised myself that I would make it through and I was going to show others just how strong they can be as well. I had no idea how much strength I really held at the time, but now I am sure of it. I may still have Lyme, but I am not going to let it change me; that’s my job.

6 Replies to “Lyme Awareness: CHANGE”

  1. Beautiful post Dilynn. I believe you have begun to capture the essence of life. We struggle, we grow, we rise, and we lift others. You have a warrior soul.

    1. Thank you so much! Coming from you this means everything. It gives me hope knowing all that you’ve been through too!

  2. Your writing is so insightful. I learned about Lyme disease but also about how your frame of mind makes all the difference.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad that I am able to teach others about Lyme as well as see all that I’ve learned. Writing this blog has helped me notice so many highs in this year and in my experience as a whole.

  3. BeaUtifully written we are proud of you Dilynn for all you are doing to help other’s as well as helping yourself in the process also. You have turned your challenges into a way to ease the pain of many. God Bless you Sweetie XoxoxoxoxoX

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