I have made up my mind. You really can’t get any better than a campfire s’more during quarantine!

I’m sorry y’all if I’m making you hungry, but I thought it would be a good idea to share with all of you the many positive things I’ve seen in the past few weeks. I wouldn’t have expected to have gained anything from this loss, but I’ve seen a light at the end of this tunnel.

With all of the extra time I’ve had on my hands, I’ve been able to take a break. The third quarter of school had been really tough on me and I was really needing one. It’s quite ironic that this quarantine happened now! And because of my extra rest, I have seen myself improve through Lyme and as I look back, I have made much progress in the past year. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease on April 3, 2019. I have to admit, when the exact year point came around, I couldn’t help but feel depressed that I still had Lyme. As soon as I was diagnosed, I had this mindset that I’d be better by “next year”. To overcome this shadow, I insisted that my family should celebrate that day, so- of course- we made a LEMON cake. (My family and I always joke around about how I like lemons more than actual limes, because I have enough of them, so we balanced my Lyme with lemon… anyway, the point is,) I was able to find the good in an upsetting and emotional situation. I think that the best way to overcome this COVID19 mentally and emotionally is to look for what is good. My favorite thing is to hear about all of the service going around. It feels amazing to know that we are all in this together and we support one another. Our support and love to those around us is the brightest light of them all. I guess I’d like to quickly thank each and every one of you for your contribution to others. You are all the reason we have the courage and motivation to go on. Thank you! But before I end, I also want to challenge you all…

Not only try to look for a light in your life, but be that light in other’s lives as well. Kindness is the greatest solution to any problem, doubt, or trial that may come your way. Take the time to love others around you and you just might find a little love there for yourself!

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